Vols Start Slow, Beat Southern Miss

The pundits said Southern Miss would look like they were in slow motion compared to the Golden Bears. California did display some tremendous team speed in the Vols season opening loss last weekend. But anybody from around here knows Jeff Bower always fields a solid team at Southern Miss. The Golden Eagles came out strong against the Vols in their home opener on the hill, before Tennessee pulled away for a 39-19 win.

Jeremy Young found a wide open Chris Johnson for a 69 yard touchdown to give Southen Miss a 10-7 lead in the first quarter before the Vols came alive. Just before half Erik Ainge found Josh Brisco with 5 yard TD pass to put the Vols up 17-16 at the half. (276 passing and 2 TD's for Ainge). The Vols pulled away in the 3rd quarter behind a 125 yards rushing and 2 TD's from Arian Foster.