Tigers West Happy With Rescheduling ASU Game

Imagine being all dressed to play a football game...

A game that's basically played in all types of bad weather...

Only to have that game called because of...you guessed it... Weather!

That's what happened to the Memphis Tigers and Arkansas State Indians Saturday in Jonesboro, when Lightning, as well as heavy rain pelted Indians Stadium.

The scheduled 6pm start kept being moved back waiting for the weather to break..

But faced with starting the game after 9pm, Memphis Coach Tommy West says it's best the Teams Didn't Play because the Long delay had taken its' toll on the players.

West says:

"That was a big low because I thought we were really in a good frame of mind for that game. But it's your job to individually be ready to play. I expect us to be even more so this time."

The Game is reset for Thursday, September 27th at Jonesboro.