Restaurant offers beefy reward after break-in

You've probably seen 'WANTED' posters. You've probably heard of monetary rewards to help solve crime. One set of business owners fell victim.

Fed up, they're offering a reward that might just whet their appetite for justice.

The kitchen crew is accustomed to cleaning and cooking and preparing food. Buckley's steak house is accustomed to feeding diners. It's new mission? Anything but the usual.

"We want to be proactive in our community," Buckley's Ken Dick says. "We're not ones to sit around. Call us cowboys. Call us what you want, but we're ready to fight back."

Fighting back after three separate break-ins and fourth at a restaurant nearby.

"Our neighbors right next door, the pizza place, which is exactly next door to our lunchbox was broken into," he says.

It was a Sunday morning pizza shop break-in. The suspects were caught on video from cameras placed inside the Buckley's. Police are searching for two men. Who? No one knows. But, in hopes of smoking out some information, Buckley's is offering a reward. 100 steaks and a brand new grill. The estimated monetary value is nearly 2500 bucks. Dough packed into a lot of meat in an offer up for grabs in an attempt to take a bit out of crime.

"Our neighbors they sustained a bunch of glass damage, vandalism," Dick says. "We sustained glass damage. It's not about the money. It's about cleaning up these neighborhoods and making a stand."

If you have any information in this case Buckley's asks that you call the restaurant or the police.