Calipari Packs His House to Pack FedExForum for Tigers

Much is anticipated for the Memphis Tigers Basketball upcoming season..

Some of it has to do with off the court issues, some in the stands...

Like, how to fill FedExForum?

That's why U of M Coach John Calipari hosted a Big Party for Big Blue Faithful at his home just off the campus.

Fans coughing up $500 Bucks get 4-season tickets in the Upper Deck, AND Membership in the Tiger Rebounders Booster Club.

Having a team ranked number one in the Pre-Season gives Coach Cal reason to believe the U of M can accomplish another first..that's selling out the 18,300 seat FedExForum for the whole season.

Calipari says:

"We probably have 600 or 700 season tickets all in the upper deck and we're doing things up there like a family section. (the big national games) like Georgetown, Gonzaga, Tennessee will all be $25 each so you might as well get a season ticket and see all the games this year. "

Tigers Hoops start soon.. Midnight Madness is October 12th at FedExForum.