Two guns, bullets found at Southaven High School

This story was published September 11, 2007.

Two unloaded handguns, along with bullets, were found in the possession of three students Tuesday at Southaven High School.

School officials said the two unloaded pistols were found in the backpacks of two students, while another student was found with bullets in his sock.  The three students, all minors, were taken into police custody without incident.

Officials said a teacher initially reported the weapons on campus, acting on a tip from a student.  The suspects were called into a school administrator's office and voluntarily opened their backpacks.

When asked why they brought the guns on campus, one student said, according to a press release, "We were making an even exchange."

"There is a no tolerance policy to firearms on school campus," said Milton Kuykendall, superintendent of DeSoto County Schools.  "DCS will not tolerate this kind of behavior."

Kuykendall said the school system would pursue the case against the students as aggressively as the law would allow, but they did not believe the incident was gang related.

Pending the result of a disciplinary hearing, the students could be expelled for up to one calendar year.

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