Operation: Wash Out, dozens of drug dealers off city streets

Fifty suspected drug dealers are in jail after an early morning round-up in a pretty elaborate sting dubbed Operation: Wash Out.

An undercover Memphis Police officer infiltrated a car wash they believe was used by gangs to conduct drug sales.

Specifically, the officer posed as a Gangster Disciple and gathered information beginning back in January.

With 50 indictments in hand, police hit the streets to make arrests. Action News 5 was there as some of them were brought to a receiving point.

Police say using a "front", like a car-wash, is often a way gangs and drug dealers operate.

"I mean, that's what criminals do, they want to look legitimate and honest in fact some of them are not," says Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin.

Police say drugs were bought, sold and then driven out. The owner of the car wash is still at large.

The car wash is now closed.