Selmer residents react to Winkler's appearance on Oprah

In March 2006, Mary Winkler shot her preacher husband Matthew in their Selmer parsonage about two hours east of Memphis.

A McNairy County jury convicted Mary Winkler in April of voluntary manslaughter.

The Oprah Winfrey show ran live Wednesday morning so we recorded it and took it to Selmer. We showed it to people who got to see it before anyone else and got their reaction.

"It's interesting. I think she really was abused and couldn't get out of that situation," says one woman.

Others says they feel sorry for her.

The idea of Winkler discussing her story on national television didn't seem like a good idea to some of the women.

"She had a problem and I understand that she was in a bad situation but she didn't have to go on national television. Why not, well, just take it all national put it all out there," says another Selmer resident.

A lot of people in Selmer were really curious about Mary Winkler on Oprah. They wanted to watch it. But they said they didn't have time because they were working.

We tried another group of people. This time with a man watching to see if we got a different of different opinion.

"I think she'll come out good doing this. She'll get a book deal be on Oprah and a lot of other shows. She'll come out fine but her children won't have a father," he said.

Mary Winkler's attorney, Steve Farese, who was in the audience for the Oprah show, says Mary did not get paid to be on Oprah.

Mary Winkler did not appear live on Oprah because a judge in Selmer would not allow her to travel to Chicago for the show.

The segment with Winkler was recorded in Ashland, Mississippi at the office of one of her attorneys.


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