Some Winkler statements on "Oprah" differ from those made before trial

Statements made by Mary Winkler in Wednesday's episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" sometimes differed from what she said before her trial.

Winfrey's interview with Mary Winkler was very serious, with the talk show host asking some tough questions about the shooting death of Mary's husband, Matthew.

The most obvious change in Mary Winkler's story centered on the moment her husband lost his life.

OPRAH: "Did he say anything to you?
MARY: "No.  No, there was nothing."

The answer differed from what Winkler told investigators when they took her into custody in March, 2006.  Then, Winkler said her memory was fuzzy, except for one defining moment.  TBI Agent Brian Booth read Winkler's police statement in court.

"I do remember me holding the shotgun, and hearing the boom, and the smell," Booth read from the statement. "He asked me 'Why?' and I just said 'I'm sorry.'"

Winkler was also confused when asked if one of her daughters walked into the room after the shooting.
OPRAH: "Did one of your daughters come into the room?"
MARY: "No."
OPRAH: "I read that one of your daughters came in the room."
MARY: "Right.  She said she looked into the room.  This is off the top of my head.  I don't think came in."

While Winkler said she did the interview to help battered women, legal experts say the interview could possibly impact her custody case to get back.

Stay with for updates on Winkler's custody case.

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