Exclusive: Woman at center of mayor sex plot talks

Fresh out of a Nashville jail, Gwendolyn Smith says she is ready to get on with her life. Smith was released just two days ago.

Action News 5 reporter Anna Marie Hartman sat down with the woman at the center of a Sex in the City scandal.

Smith was serving time on a felony forgery charges. She turned herself in on June 15th and was sentenced to 18 months.

But Smith was released early and she says her time in jail was actually a peaceful time that she needed to collect her thoughts and plan her future.

"It was actually a peaceful time away from the media, away from talking and I enjoyed my peace," Smith says.

Smith claims that some local businessman asked her to lure Mayor Herenton into a sex scheme to ruin his chances for reelection.

Instead, Smith went to the mayor and exposed their alleged plot. Smith says when she went to the mayor to alert him about the alleged plot to discredit him, she never expected the political firestorm that would follow.

And she says despite the chaos it created in her life, she would do it all again.

"Yes, I am very confident in Mayor Herenton. To me he is a very good business leader and I wouldn't want to be the one sitting home knowing I could have helped him and didn't," said Smith.

Smith has identified former attorney Richard Fields as the mastermind behind the plan. "I didn't participate with Richard Fields for money 'cause I don't need his money," says Smith.

Smith says she kept quite for months, gathering proof so that the mayor would believe her story. Once the plan was revealed, Smith's personal privacy became very public.

"Accusations, well, she's a topless dancer. I never took my clothes off. I was just a waitress. I never stripped," she adds.

Smith attorney, Javier Bailey says Smith is concerned about her safety, the safety of her children, her family and friends.

Bailey also says Mayor Herenton has promised Smith police protection.

Smith says she wants to finish her college education and get her degree in marketing but the Sex in the City scandal is far from over.

Her attorney plans to file a civil suit against Richard Fields within the week. Bailey says to Mr. Fields: "The hurricane is coming, so board up the windows."


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