Top mayoral candidates share plans for progress

He won't debate, but he will welcome a forum. Mayor Willie Herenton and the other top candidates for Memphis Mayor shared their plans for progress with both the city and the suburbs.

The format in the race for the top spot at city hall was limited with the candidates, including the incumbent, each having five minutes to talk. There were no questions or interaction with each other.

Mayor Herenton did shake hands with the candidates but that was the only interaction they had with each other.

"Under my leadership this city has experienced phenomenal economic prosperity," said Herenton.

The mayor also talked about how he reformed public housing, the growth of downtown under his watch and the need for consolidation, but he didn't talk crime.

"You should really be on Herenton's bandwagon to consolidate the governments so that we can eliminate waste. We have the highest combined tax rate," Herenton added.

After he spoke, he quickly left the room. City council woman Carol Chumney was quick to pounce. "It's easy to show up give a speech and leave no answer questions I think you deserve better than that," Chumney said.

She touted her 17 years in public office and talked about her solution to Memphis crime.

"It'll get officers off the desk and in the streets where we need them to protect us every single day of this city," she added.

Herman Morris had an intense speech touting his leadership at MLGW. "I went to minneapolis MN as part of a team to entice and sell Memphis to the medtronics firm you know the firm that brought those four jobs," said Morris.

He seemingly took jabs at Herenton and Chumney when he spoke of longtime public officials.

"You're going to hear a lot of career politicians talk about continuing a career politicians life but people we're falling behind as a community," he added.

John Willingham spoke about the poor decisions made at city hall and his pledge to hire 300 officers with his way to pay for it. "My intention is to take 300 of the 400 appointees by the present mayor and take them out of the loop save 22 million dollars," Willingham said.

Early voting begins Friday and Election Day is Oct 4th.


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