MY TURN: Herenton should join the debate

WMC-TV General Manager Lee Meredith
WMC-TV General Manager Lee Meredith

Here's a great quote:

"He shouldn't be hiding...If he has an impressive record, why doesn't he come out and discuss that record...I want the public to have all of the information so that they can make an intelligent decision with regard to who is the most qualified and capable person to lead this city in the future."

That's the quote. Does it sound like Memphis mayoral candidate Carol Chumney, or her opponent Herman Morris?

No. In fact, the quote is from the current Memphis Mayor, Willie Herenton. The year was 1991 and Herenton was a candidate seeking a debate with the incumbent mayor. He was correct then, and now.

Since 1976, no leading candidate for U.S President has refused to debate, and that includes the incumbents who could have easily tried to hide from a debate the way Mayor Herenton is now.

The public deserves to hear a discussion between the top candidates who want to lead our government. Action News 5 is hosting a live televised debate among the leading contenders for Memphis Mayor September 21 right here our studios.

Mayor Herenton, again we extend an invitation for you to join us here for this event.

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