Exclusive: Senator Ophelia Ford says she's suffered multiple strokes

For the first time since she was released from the hospital, Tennessee State Senator Ophelia Ford says she now knows what caused her to fall off that bar stool.

Ford has been in and out of the hospital for the past few months.

There were calls to 911: "I can't breathe," Ford told the dipatcher.

Ford says she has finally learned what is wrong. "I had two strokes, pneumonia. I had to have four liters of blood less than a month ago. I'm malnutritioned," Ford explained.

Ford was also in the news for falling off a bar stool in Nashville. "That's exactly when I think the second stroke happened. That's exactly when I think that second stroke happened," she adds.

She said she can't believe she made it through the senate session.

"Girl, what you think about it? Having a stroke and don't even know about it. Being just pushing and pushing myself," Ford says.

There were also pictures of senator Ford holding on to a fellow legislator when she walked to a luncheon in Nashville. Ford says now she can walk on her own.

"Girl, I got so much strength in my legs its just amazing amazing. I prayed to the Lord about it. God, what's happening you know. I can stomp around girl," Ford says.

Ford says she can't wait to talk with her constituents in District 29 and get back to the senate. "I'm looking forward. Just forward to being there. Paying attention to making the greatest decisions as far as District 29 is concerned and the state of Tennessee."

Ophelia Ford says she finally feels great."Oh, I feel so good. It's good to feel good."

Senator Ophelia Ford says she can get out and do what she wants to do in a week and a half.

She plans to talk with her constituents then.


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