City officials refuse to release Liberty Bowl review

The future of the Liberty Bowl stadium has been up in the air for years. The City of Memphis paid a lot of money for a consultant to file a report on what should be done with it.

Now, that study is in but the city isn't releasing it.

A national consulting firm has been studying the feasibility of of a new football stadium in Memphis.

They're report is in, but some city officials say they are withholding the document from the public and the media for now.

In January, Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton announced his interest in replacing the Liberty Bowl Stadium with a new football stadium.

The mayor said it would cost somewhere between $150 and $175 million.

Taxpayers funded a $140,000 study conducted by Conventions Sports and Leisure International out of Dallas Texas.

But the city of Memphis is refusing to release the document.

Robert Lipscomb, head of the fairgrounds redevelopment group, told the Commercial Appeal that there were so many ridiculous errors in the report that he couldn't release it.

We asked Mayor Willie Herenton if he had been able to review the document.

"I have not seen a report. That report is not a priority for me. I'm not anxious to see it. When it is complete I will receive a copy of it and when it is complete the Memphis media has every right and opportunity to receive it," said Herenton.

Herenton said the stadium study is not that important in the whole scheme of things as he seeks reelection.


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