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Granny catches mugger

Marta Suarez isn't your typical 85-year-old woman.

She might look like an easy target, but as one would-be robber learned, some targets move too fast to be hit.

When a robber snatched her purse Thursday, the former track star chased after him.

Miami police Officer Wilfredo Perez said he was in the area investigating an attempted break-in when he saw the chase.

"Oh, she was sprinting, actually," Perez said. "She wasn't even running. She was sprinting. At the time, I didn't know what had occurred."

Perez arrested 29-year-old Ivan Lavar Edwards in connection with the purse theft and an attempted break-in in Suarez's neighborhood.

"I am very lucky," Suarez said. "Because the policeman was standing up in the corner."

Family members, including her daughter in-law, said they are thankful Suarez got her purse back.

They said they are more thankful, however, that she was not hurt.

"My advice to her was, first of all, be more aware of your surroundings," her daughter in-law said. "Secondly, I just took her purse away from her, because she carries the purse needlessly. So, I just gave her a little pouch with her ID, a little change and that's all she needs."

Perez said he does not advise anyone to chase after criminals, but Suarez and Perez call each other heroes.

"She's the actual hero," he said. "I'm just doing my job."

Suarez said she hopes it never happens again, but if it does, she said she would not hesitate to give a chase.

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