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Reported by Blair Simmons

Five people in race for District 9 council seat

He's held seats in two Memphis districts but now Memphis City Councilman Jack Sammons is giving up his place on the council.

Five people are vying for his District 9 Position 3 seat.

The five candidates, each with five different platforms are all fighting for one city council seat.

Desi Franklin says she's concerned with crime. "Clearly we have issue with crime in Memphis. A big issue creating negative perception of memphis not only locally but nationally," says Franklin.

Boris Combest adds, "I think it's time city council be responsible to citizens that elect them in office."

Lester Lit says his focus is family values. "I've been happily married 35 years. That fact alone probably makes me more qualified than anybody running in my race because to me somebody who can stay happily married 35 years says something about character, sensitivity, ability to listen, ability to compromise, and the ability to say sorry if I make a mistake."

Reid Hedgepeth says. "You're seeing seven new seats open up, there's urgency in state of city now. People in Memphis have spoken with their feet by leaving Memphis. Yeah, I think there needs to be drastic changes. Urgency to change things."

And Mary Wilder adds, "I'm concerned with a need to improve our city services, for citizens of the city. Provide support for neighborhoods in Memphis and work on plan of sustainable growth."

But as diverse as their platforms may be, there are at least two issues they all seem to see eye-to-eye on and that's solving Memphis' crime problem and putting an end to public corruption.

Lit adds, "it seems like all you hear is scandal involving one of our local politicians. Quite frankly, I'm sick and tired of that. Embarrassed for you and me. I think I can do something about that."

They're all five candidates who say they're willing to serve and they want to bring integrity back to the city council and ready to duke it out at the polls October 4th.

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