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Jarvis Greer

Rebels Regroup after Vandy Defeat

  There's no getting around what happened to the Ole Miss Rebels at Vanderbilt over the weekend...and Rebels Head Coach Ed Orgeron is not about to let his players forget it...

What the Rebels went to Nashville looking for was a game they thought they could win..

What they wound up with was a stunning double digit loss, 31-to-17.

Vandy Dominated the Rebels defense with 383 yards and 25 first downs, prompting Coach O to Say......

"We totally understand our play was poor in preparation, poor in execution, poor in everything. This week we focus on us.. Focus on Ole Miss. We will work on fundamentals, blocking Tackling..kicking game and really work on getting them ready. Put the best players in the right position."

Coach O hopes his hard nosed tactics will work..and soon..

3rd ranked Florida comes to Oxford Saturday.

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