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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Memphis not the only place with Diebold troubles

The Shelby County Election Commission says it has only received three complaints about the voting machines since the early voting began. 

We did some checking into the track record of these voting machines and discovered the complaints have been so bad in other states some have banned the machines.

Last April, Maryland's house of delegates voted to replace the Diebold machines with paper ballots after state leaders banned them from primary and general elections.

And just last month California's secretary of state decertified Diebold results after a study stated, "Diebold software does not provide sufficient security to guarantee a trustworthy election."

It's something one other mayoral candidate is not surprised to see.

"There's been a question of electronic voting all along," says John Willingham, who ran for mayor four years ago and thought the machines were faulty back then.

Willingham filed a lawsuit with the city but a judge threw it out. He said there may be problems with these election results and their could be legal challenges as a result.

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