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Voters react to early voting questions

One voter e-mailed our newsroom to say that she pushed one name and another lit up. She fixed the problem herself. But other reports just like this one call into question a process with which most say they have no problems.

Inside the Pyramid Recovery Center hundreds cast electronic ballots daily.

"Do you trust that those machines cast your ballot the way you asked them to cast your ballot?" a reporter asks.

"Yes I do," Sharon Wortham answers.

But some early voters don't. The election commission says only three complaints have been registered. But City Attorney Elbert Jefferson recommends early voting be suspended. One complaint was cast by the mother of an employee in the city attorney's office. She says mom pushed one candidates name, but another lit up. Her ballot ended up satisfactory, but the experience left the voter--quote--baffled.

Nearly 15,000 people have walked through "VOTE HERE" doors so far. All of them listed across hundreds of pages. At random, we paid some of them a visit.

List in hand, we hit the neighborhood, knocking on doors belonging to early voters.

"Do you have confidence that your vote, that the machines cast your vote correctly?" a reporter asks.


People like Bettye Ford and Hazel Porter.

"I don't think nothing wrong with the machine," Porter says. "I went and vote. I ain't had no problem."

"I actually think I haven't had any problems with the machines," Raft Newby says.

Back at the recovery center hundreds keep casting electronic ballots daily with any issues either forgotten or disregarded.

"The machines, I trust," Dorothy Hargrove says. "The machines are going to do just what they're set up to do."

As of earlier this afternoon, nearly 15,000 people voted early, a process with nine voting days left.

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