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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Mary Winkler ready to reunite with children

After a hearing Wednesday, Mary Winkler was granted supervised visits with her three daughters. On Monday, Winkler's lawyers will submit their wishes for how those visits should go.

"It may be who should supervise and how frequent the visits should be and how long the visits should be," says Attorney Mitch Moskovitz.

Moskovitz isn't working on the Winkler case but has years of experience drawing up such visitation proposals.

"And virtually any and everything that deals with the circumstances surrounding a child are addressed in a proposed parenting plan," says Moskovitz.

Winkler's first visit with her little girls is scheduled for September 29th. Judge Ronald Harmon will decide who should oversee those meetings.

Moskovitz adds, "And who will do that could be someone acquainted with the mother someone who the court is comfortable with the father or in this case the paternal grandparents."

Matthew Winkler's parents currently have custody of the Winkler children.

Dan and Diane Winkler have filed suit to terminate Mary Winkler's parental rights.

Their lawyers must submit their own version of a proposed parenting plan. Moskovitz says the children's rights must take top priority.

"Absolutely its what's in the best interest of protecting the children both physically and psychologically," says Moskovitz.

Even once the plans are in, it is a judge who will decide where, how and who will be in the room with Mary Winkler when she is reunited with her children for the first time in a year.

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