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Reported by Ben Watson

Operation Stand Down: Program gives hope to Mid-South veterans

They defended our country during wartime and peace. But some returned to the US with no homes, no job and no hope.

This weekend the Memphis VA hospital extended a hand to those United States veterans.

They've been trained to be the best that they can be. But perhaps no amount of training could have prepared veterans for the battles some have faced after their military service; battles like declining health and homelessness.

An event at Memphis' Veterans Hospital was aimed at assisting Mid-South veterans.

It's called Stand Down For Homelessness.  The goal was to give hope to veterans who might otherwise give up.

"Ah, just try to provide and identify veterans who are out on the streets, do not have a place to live and assist them to getting connected to medical services as well as housing," says social worker Chase Spiegel.

Veterans who showed up at the event got help with housing, food, clothing and medical help.

They also received suicide prevention and mental health treatment information.

"Ah, we had, I think, over a hundred veterans who were in the facility getting connected to services yesterday, We had karaoke, live band. And we were able to provide meals and services to veterans," adds Speigel.

The goal is to help veterans get off the streets and back on the right track.

Speigel adds, "Well, homelessness is a problem which is more of a national problem and its also a community problem. Its not just something that affects veterans of course. And as a community we all need to come together with all of our resources in the community as well as the state and on the federal level as well to be able to provide and prevent homelessness in general in the communities."

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