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Dave Cera

Tigers Embarrassed By Performance

Tommy West was not about to hide from his worst defeat since taking the Memphis head coaching job in 2001.

"We'll you talk about embarrassed, I'm in charge of this thing. That's embarrassing for me but I gotta find the answers for why," West said at his weekly coaches luncheon Monday.

Why were the Tigers were down 42-0 nothing at the half against a team in their own conference!!! It's not like the were playing a top ranked BCS school. Yes, Central Florida does have one of the nations top running backs in Kevin Smith, but how about scoring ZERO points in the first half?

"Offensively its hard to criticize a lot in the 1st quarter because we only had 5 plays."

But by the 3rd quarter West had seen enough of quarterback Martin Hankins who is now just 1-12 against division 1-A opponents. He took the move in stride.

"It's tough as a competitor but also as a team player you have to know what's best for the team in this game. We couldn't get it done with me so we put Will and Maloof in there to change it up and see if we could get anything working."

"We were as inconsistent throwing the football as we've ever been in the passing game. I really didn't anticipate that," was West's response.

Now what???

"When you lose like we lost, does it affect your psyche? Yeah, sure it does, its human nature."

West has to do some psychological repair it in a hurry before Thursday night's make-up game against Arkansas State. Tiger's lineback Quinton McCrary agrees.

"Because it's very important if we have any bowl dreams to get this win."

Bowl dreams? Right now fans would settle for a close game in Jonesboro.

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