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Reported by Jason Miles

New mayoral poll may change votes

Campaign workers are earning their keep in one of the tightest races for mayor in Memphis history.

"Mayor Herenton! He's the man!," screamed one outside the election commission Wednesday.

"Carol! If you vote for Carol you'll be glad!," yelled another.

It was clear their minds were already made up. Many voters at early voting sites across the city felt the same way.

"I'm gonna vote what's right and vote my heart," said Beretta Fortney.

Polls didn't mean a thing to them.

"I look at what the candidates have to say," said Bessie Reed.

Others considered the information provided in a poll priceless. It allowed them to determine if they needed to choose another candidate. In this case, one who may have a better chance of defeating the mayor.

"I thought Herman Morris was closer to him," said Fay Clegg. "That's why I voted for him, because I thought he'd have a better chance."

What did she think now that Carol Chumney is closer in the polls?

"I should have voted for her."

Herman Morris supporters said placing third in a poll is not a problem. It just might mean a little more work.

"Knock on doors, make phone calls, pound the pavement," said Kathy Price. "That's what I'd do."

With a few more days of early voting, not to mention election day itself, there's still plenty of time to get the word out.

Mayor Herenton's campaign manager said the mayor's campaign believes he is ahead beyond what the new poll reports. Still, they're expected to soon roll out Herenton's first TV ad.

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