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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Mayoral campaign continues as candidates jockey for position

With one week left until election day and early voting hitting record numbers, the candidates for Memphis mayor did everything they could Thursday to secure every last vote.

Outside the Shelby County Election Commission, Herman Morris said his campaign has raised about $400,000 in the past six months, with nearly $20,000 coming out of his own pocket. Nonetheless,  he said, the amount shows he has momentum in the final push to election day.

"Our momentum is continuing to carry us up in the polls," Morris said. "If you took a snapshot today, we'd be higher, and if you took one tomorrow, we'd be higher still. We're going to continue to rise and improve our numbers as other candidates continue to fall
Elsewhere Thursday, Carol Chumney released a new commercial that banked on the success of the latest mayoral poll, which put her in a statistical dead heat with Mayor Willie Herenton.  Officials with Chumney's campaign insisted they've raised only $250,000 in the past six months, but with less funding, they remain virtually tied with the incumbent.   
"People already know who I am, so it doesn't take as much money to talk to the voters and tell them what they need to know," Chumney said. "I am the only candidate that can bring the change that Memphis needs in this election. So I don't have to raise four hundred thousand dollars to get that message out there."
Mayor Herenton's campaign also released a new television advertisement, highlighting a familiar theme. 

"If you want four more years of prosperity, vote for the record, and not rhetoric," the ad said.

With Herenton's war chest also said to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, expert say you can expect to see plenty of advertisements as the election season draws to a close.

Early voting in Memphis ends Saturday.  Election day is Thursday, October 4.

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