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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Memphis group says Memphis voting process needs change

Thursday, a Memphis group called for the State of Tennessee to put the brakes on validating next week's election in Memphis.  Minister Suhkhara Yahweh of Memphis Operation Election Integrity told Action News 5 the voting process needs change.

"Use the only process that we know, that has any guarantee to it, and that is the paper ballot," he said.
Yahweh said electronic voting machines are vulnerable.

"One, the system itself is fraudulent," he said. "Two, the system itself will manipulate and change votes.  Three, it can be done in such a way that it could not be discovered by the technicians."

Election Commissioner Rich Holden argued paper ballots are untrustworthy and much slower.

"It's easy to have under-counts," he said. "It's easy to have over-votes, in which people's real choice doesn't get counted."

Earlier this week, Mayor Willie Herenton said the Justice Department would monitor next Thursday's election, after early voters complained the wrong candidates were showing up on their screen.  Holden noted voters get summary sheets when they cast their ballots, and late next year, they will have voter verifiable paper audit trail.

"Under a glass, the voter will see a printed list of the candidates for which they have voted," he said. "It will stay under glass and it will drop into a secure container."

When in use, ballots can be counted if there's a problem.  Until then, electronic voting in its present form will remain.

The Shelby County Commission is also looking into the integrity of electronic voting.  They do not anticipate any changes before next week.

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