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Final push for candidates

Less than one week until election day and the top three candidates are making a strong push for every last vote

Mayor Herenton in a fight for his political future -- holding a rally in Orange Mound Thursday night, evoking race in this mayoral election.

"This race is about race and power. Don't get confused," said Herenton.

He also released a new campaign ad titled, "Record Over Rhetoric."

City councilwoman Carol Chumney also released a new ad citing her statistical dead heat in the latest mayoral poll. She says she has the best chance to beat Herenton. "If they want change they need to vote Carol Chumney in this election I am the only one that can beat the incumbent mayor I'm the only one with a message of change and the record to back it up."

Herman Morris says he's raised about 380-thousand dollars in funding in the last six months insisting he's peaking at the right time. "We're out in the community we're visiting the polls we're walking the community we're shaking hands we're knocking on doors and we're getting a tremendous response."

Early voting is set to end Saturday. Election day is set for October fourth.

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