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Reported by Jason Miles

Judge blocks Mary Winkler's visit with 3 children

Mary Winkler's attorney Kay Turner and her legal team had just learned the news before talking with Action News 5 Friday.

"Very devastating news for Mary," said Turner.

An appeals court in Jackson blocked a supervised visit between Winkler and her three daughters scheduled for sometime Saturday.

"It was somewhat late in the hour giving the timing of the visitation," says Winkler attorney Rachel Putnam.

The last-minute motion came from attorneys representing Dan and Diane Winkler, who have had custody of the children since their mother went to jail in the shooting death of their father.

"These children, I think, want to be with their mother, see their mother, and that's only nature," said Turner.

Winkler won the right to see her kids following a lengthy hearing last week, during which the former preacher's wife testified.

"They are missing one side of the family," Winkler said on the stand. "They are being told untruths," she added. "My girls are confused," said Winkler.

Turner told us the judges who issued the block have never even seen the transcript from that hearing.

"And I think when they see that, they will understand the reasoning behind the Chancellor's decision and why he allowed visitation under the circumstances," said Turner.

"This woman is very strong and the love for her children is not going to be broken that easily," said Putnam.

Winkler's team has 10 days to respond to the court of appeals.

Attempts to reach Dan and Diane Winkler's attorneys were unsuccessful. The Winklers have claimed the girls experienced nightmares and other stressful episodes. That's why contact with their mother was terminated.

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