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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Plan in place to safeguard Thursday's election

Two years ago dead people showed up and voted in a Memphis election. So voters want to know if the polls are safe from fraud in this Thursday's election.

Election leaders insist there are safeguards in place to ensure the intergrity of this election.

But election leaders insist that won't happen. County Election Commissioner Rich Holden says two poll workers and a fraudulent voter would all have to commit a crime for someone deceased to vote.

Two years ago it did happen during a special election in the race to fill State Senator John Ford's open seat.

His sister Ophelia Ford won the vote by 13 votes but an investigation revealed dead people voted.

She was not implicated but three poll workers admitted ot fraud and the senate removed her from office. Holden insists the election commission has an up-to-date log of registered voters

"On a monthly basis we compare our records with the Tennessee Dept of Heath, Vital statistics dept and we remove deceased voters," says Holden. 

He says they're also notified if someone is convicted of a felony and use other documents to ensure the registry is current.

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