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Dave Cera

Iavaroni 'Hands On' In first Practice

If you like a "hands on" boss, the Grizzlies have found one in new head coach Mark Iavaroni. Everything from the office...to the court goes through coach I. We got a glimpse of that approach Saturday morning at the team's first practice. 

Positive vibes were everywhere at FedexForum for Day 1. Plenty of smiles...Rudy Gay and Pau Gasol enjoying being back on the hard wood. Also going up against their new head coach in some half court action. Ivaroni was in their bumping and elbowing just like an opponent would do. Gasol seemed to enjoy it.

'Every coach brings something different to the table. Mark is very involved as you've seen in some of the drills.'

Iavaroni wants the workouts to be fun but productive.

'Its work but you want them to have fun. If they see a purpose in it its gonna pay off when we play."

The Grizzlies leave October 3rd for Spain where they will play two exhibition games. They'll open the regular season November 1st at FedExForum.

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