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School guard accused of breaking student's arm in cafeteria melee

Parents and students at Knight High School in Palmdale, California are upset over an incident in which three teenagers and a mother were arrested last Thursday after a melee with security guards, prompting an investigation into the guards' behavior.

The incident came on the heels of a birthday celebration during the school's lunch hour, at some point the birthday cake was dropped, spurring a domino effect of mayhem.
A cell phone video taken by a student showed a 16-year-old student arrested by campus police.
According to the student, she had dropped the cake and subsequently cleaned it up.

When the security guard told her to clean up a part of the mess that was overlooked, a verbal altercation ensued -- and quickly turned physical.

The security guard then grabbed her by the arm as she was headed towards her next class, the student said.

The student said that the security guard was so overzealous in twisting her arms despite her pleas otherwise that he wound up breaking her wrist -- which is cast-bound.

The security guard called her a "nappy-head," the student said.

The student said that when the security guard realized the incident was being recorded, he tackled the student taking the video.

When that student's sister tried to intervene, she too was injured and now has a brace on her arm.

And the plot thickens.

When the arrested student's mother arrived at the school, she was subsequently arrested for allegedly battering the principal.

The mother has subsequently said that the incident has caused a disruption in her life, mainly as a result of explaining the issue of prejudice to her daughter.

Another parent, Serena Ochoa, said that she has complained about the guards before.

The student is currently expelled and will attend a hearing to determine her future status with the school

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