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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Mayoral candidates respond to campus murder

The campus shooting sent ripples through the city. The murder of U of M Football Star Taylor Bradford put a pause in the mayoral campaign trail.

Mayor Willie Herenton gave his condolences to the family Monday morning. "It is a tragedy that this man would lose his life at such an early age," says Herenton.

Challengers Carol Chumney and Herman Morris had the same sentiments. "To think of the death of such a young person is really, really sad," says Chumney.

Herman Morris adds, "He was a young man with his whole life in front of him."

Chumney and Morris called the murder a sign of the crime problem in Memphis. "The Mayor says he can't do anything about it. That's why I'm running for mayor because I'm going to get the job done for the citizens of Memphis," adds Chumney.

"There are too many families experiencing this. We can't go another four years and have this same thing continue to happen without a strong effort to bring this to a halt. I'll bring that strong effort," says Morris.

Herenton says he's disheartened by their reaction. "It's just regretful that Herman and Carol would use this event for some political benefit because it is a great tragedy for the Bradford family."

The Mayor calls this a sign of the violent culture infusing cities all across the country. Herenton adds the loss of life pains him as leader of the city.

Chumney said it hurts to see tragedy at the school where she and her family attended.

Morris says he has children in college now and it pains him as a parent.

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