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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Former Congressman skips rally for Memphis mayor

It was supposed to be a last minute election shocker; former foes coming together to campaign.

But despite promising to deliver Harold Ford, Senior, the former US Congressman was a no-show at a rally Tuesday night for Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton.

The rally was about race, religion and politics. It was a mix between a gospel concert and a campaign rally with the main speaker, Harold Ford Senior, a no show.

There was a high spirited rally with a choir and chants at Mount Vernon Baptist church for Mayor Herenton two days before election day.

Herenton downplayed recent polls, bashed the media and talked race mentioning the city was founded in 1826 but the first African American mayor didn't come into office until much later.

"1826 to 1991 and they said I've been here too long," said Herenton.

The crowd didn't fill the church. In fact, there were a number of empty seats.

In the end, he mentioned Harold Ford Senior would not be here but didn't say why.

Mayor Herenton insists he is not playing the race card now. He says he has always been about one Memphis over the last 16 years.

But almost in the same breathe, he talked about how he is a decedent of slavery and that election is about race and power.

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