Tennessee Trounces Georgia - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Dave Cera

Tennessee Trounces Georgia

Don't put a fork in Phil Fulmer or the Vols yet!!! Tennessee played their most impressive game in years Saturday afternoon and it came again 12th ranked Georgia.   A sea of orange met the Bulldogs, who have dominated the series in recent years. But not this time around...the Vols come out of the gate with what, a trick play???? Lucas Taylor took a handoff from Erik Ainge in the second quarter but he threw it instead...a 56 yard bomb to Lamarcus Coker and it put the Vols up 14-0.

Montario Hardesy would add a 10 yard touchdown on the ground, followed by a 22 yard jaunt around end for Arian Foster and Tennessee was up  28-0 at the half. (Foster finished with 98 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns.) It's just like the good old days on the Hill, as the Vols trounce Georgia, 35-14.

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