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Reported by Syan Rhodes

Double shooting in Nutbush kills one

Memphis police are searching for a gunman involved in an argument that led to two people shot and one of them murdered.

It's a case where neighbors stood up to the gunman and four other suspects.

Memphis Police have four people in custody for questioning right now, but the man they believe was the shooter is still on the loose.

It happened in the 4000 block of Fransol Cove around 10 p.m. Sunday night. Victor Nava was hanging out with friends when another group of men drove up.

"Five guys came by in a 4x4 wanting to talk to one of my uncles about a misunderstanding," said Elizar Caldera, friend of Victor Nava.

Caldera says the misunderstanding stemmed from a fight at a nearby park last week.

"They thought it was us and we're like three cars away, and they blamed it on us, and we never did anything wrong," Caldera said.

A case of mistaken identity, Caldera said, but Victor Nava never had a chance to explain.

"He pulled out a gun, my uncle tried to take the gun away, he shot him in the chest," Caldera said.

Caldera says he and others tried to stop the group of men as they started to get away, slashing their tires and breaking car windows.

"When we busted the window, the driver had a gun and shot my other friend in the chest," Caldera said.

That victim was rushed to the MED in critical condition.

Now, the Victor Nava's family searches for answers as to why their son, a husband and father of three, was murdered.

Speaking in Spanish, Nava's father, Cesar says, "I want justice, because they killed my son and he had not done anything wrong."

So far, no charges in this case and police have not released the name of that fifth man they looking for.

If you know anything about the shooting on Fransol Cove, call CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH.

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