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Reported by Ben Watson

Update: 11-year-old injured in drive-by shooting

Police say there are new leads in the investigation into the shooting of an 11-year-old Memphis boy.

Officers still need help finding the gunman. Police say the shooting was a drive by and nearly a dozen shots were fired.

Investigators say the gunman's car is a Green Oldsmobile Intrigue. The year of the vehicle could range from 1995 to 2000. And the car is a 4 door with tinted windows.

Investigators also say witnesses to the shooting identified a man they think was the shooter, however his name has not being released.

The victim was shot in the face Monday and is listed in critical condition at Lebonheur Childrens Medical Center.

It all happened in the 3000 block of Eastport Cove.

Witnesses say bullets were flying as a car sped through the neighborhood with a gunman firing wildly. Residents say the shots ranged out just a little after 12:00 noon.

"Actually just getting up, heard gunshots, didn't attempt to go out the door or nothing. But I mean the situation is bad," says resident Brian Wilson.

More than a dozen shots were fired and at least one of the bullets hit 11-year old Aaron Pettis.

"The juvenile is still listed critical in Lebonheur. He was standing outside of 3391 East Port where the shooting occured," says Monique Martin, spokesperson with Memphis Police Department.

Police say 26-year-old Charles Bouey was also standing nearby and buckshots peppered him in the face and chest.

"Yeah my cousin had called me crying on the phone that my cousin just got shot, I just rushed out here. I'm trying to see what's going on now," says Melvin Bates.

Police say the 26-year old was driven to the hospital by some friends.

Martin adds, "We do not believe that the 11-year-old was the intended target. We believe that he was an innocent bystander."

Residents say their neighborhood has a history of people firing guns in the air for no reason. For some, Monday's shooting was the last straw.

Rickey Cowans says he's moving as soon as he talks to his landlord.

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