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Reported by Ben Watson

Ex-wife of former state senator files for bankruptcy

There's a bright lining for the ex-wife of former State Senator John Ford. Tamara Mitchell Ford's house will not be sold to the highest bidder. 

Thirty minutes before Yale Mortgage Company attorneys could begin the proceedings, they got the word to hold off on auctioning off the two story brick home.

But it appears Mitchell Ford filed for bankruptcy protection minutes before the auction began.

Bankruptcy protection allows Ford to keep the house.

Records indicate that Ford hasn't made a payment on the house since February.

Mitchell Ford's 3300 square foot home is located in the gated Village of River Oaks Community

"It was suppose to today but she filed bankruptcy so its not going that's all I know. The sale is not going," says Heath Smith, Attorney for Yale Mortgage Company.

Attorneys say Ford's filing allows her to basically halt any plans to auction off her home.

"What happens is as soon as you file a Chapter 13, if she filed her case today at 10:20 a.m.,something comes in place called an automatic stay and a stay is what protects her and her property from collection," says Bankruptcy Attorney Tom Fila.

Fila says the bankruptcy filing does not diminish Fords obligation to paying her creditors. "I mean, she is going to have to propose a plan to pay these creditors back," he adds.

Ford could not be reached for comment.

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