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Reported by Nick Kenney

Trust Pays students to fight campus crime

Inside a tiny conference room, eyes are peeled to the flat screen while a small group reviews a video. The purpose is to expand a program attempting to fight crime in schools.

It's a division of CrimeStoppers called Trust Pays. "Then we wound up finding, as I say, two loaded weapons in grammar schools," says Buddy Chapman.

The idea is simple. Any student who knows about illegal activity on campus can tell an adult on campus.

That adult tells the principal and the principal tells police. If successful in stopping that illegal activity, CrimeStoppers pays the student anonymously through the adult originally told.

Trust Pays started in January 2007. 34 schools participated and the program paid out 222 different times; 62 for weapons, 160 for drugs.

East High School Principal Fred Curry participates, calling the program necessary. "It's almost a godsend. It's a no-brainer because when I came to east High School and saw the way it was, I knew that I could not fix it myself," says Curry.

In an attempt to fix crime on other campuses, CrimeStoppers is making that video, preparing to show parent organizations. They're hoping all 239 schools across Memphis and Shelby County get on board.

Chapman adds, "We're getting there, let me tell you what, they've realized is what a tool it can be fro them, It is a principal run program so therefore it doesn't run unless the principal runs it."

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