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Jarvis Greer

China Comes to Memphis to Partner with U of M Basketball

Staying with the International theme, the Memphis Tigers welcome the World to Memphis this afternoon..

Or, at a big part of it.

Memphis International Airport adorned with the Colors of China as the World's Most Populous nation with more than 1.4 Billion people sends its' top Basketball officials to the Bluff City.

As we told you last month, the University of Memphis is playing host to a delegation of coaches from the Chinese Basketball Association.

14-Coaches, many of whom played for China's Olympic team, will spend the next two weeks watching Tiger practices under John Calipari at the Finch Center.

1 Coach will stay with the Tigers the whole season.

  Xia Song is the Coordinator of the Chinese Basketball Association-Memphis Exchange Program.

  He says his country wants to find a better way to cultivate its' athletes in their college years.

"From age 18-to-22..this is exactly what we have in China. This is the major age group we want to develop in Chinese Basketball. That's why we go through all of the negotiations and meetings and John Calipari."

  University of Memphis Athletic Director R.C. Johnson adds...

"We felt like there was a market that was open, one we needed to be into and have the opportunity to explore. We're always looking for something that's significant for Tiger Basketball and the Athletic Department."

The Coaches will be introduced to Tigers Fans at Friday Nights' Memphis Madness Tipoff practice at FedExForum.

The 5-year Deal not only brings Chinese Coaches to the U of M, but about 100 of China's top academic Students will come to Study at the University each year.

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