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Reported by Janice Broach

New documents show connections in Bradford murder

The four suspects in Taylor Bradford's murder and Bradford's ex-girlfriend are all linked in various ways.

Taylor Bradford described his former girlfriend in a request for an order of protection as a dangerous woman he was afraid of.

The four suspects charged in the murder of Taylor Bradford went to Treadwell High School.  The man police say is the master mind behind his murder, Devin Jefferson, dated (according to his father and cousin) Bradford's ex-girlfriend Erica Bell, a student at the University of Memphis.

Devin Jefferson’s father and cousin state, "I don't know how there relationship was…I done seen her with him. I don't figure they were going together…I seen him with her one or two times that's all."

Last year, Bradford said Bell made at least three threatening phone calls saying "you need to leave", "you don't need to be in your house" and "I'd go back to school in Birmingham if I were you".

According to the request for an order of protection, Bell struck Bradford with her closed fist and slapped him and threw a soda bottle at him hitting his mouth and cutting his lip.

Devin Jefferson was a student at the University of Memphis. He was arrested on second degree murder charges in June in the shooting death of 18 year old Jarvis Seaborne.

Seaborne's cousin, who went to Treadwell with all of the defendants, says Jefferson should not  have been let out of jail in June.

Dye says, "I feel like if he wouldn't have been let go from killing my cousin, this wouldn't be taking place right now with this guy Taylor Bradford because he had a promising future and he didn't deserve what happened to him."

Police dropped the charges against Devin Jefferson in the June shooting saying it was self defense. 

Devin Jefferson is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning on the first degree murder charges in the death of Taylor Bradford.  Action News 5 has not been able to contact Erica Bell for a comment.

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