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Reported by Syan Rhodes

Defense Attorney names Bradford shooter

Devin Jefferson is said to be the organizer of the plot to rob Taylor Bradford. Police say Jefferson wasn't there when it went down, but he along with his Treadwell High classmates are all facing first degree murder charges.

It's not known at this time what role each suspect played in the crime, and District Attorney Bill Gibbons says it doesn't matter,

But it does matter to the defense attorney for one of those charged. He says he knows who the gunman was and it wasn't his client.

With the exception of Devin Jefferson, Memphis Police have not said exactly who did what--they haven't said who actually shot and killed Taylor Bradford.

A police report indicates other suspects implicated DaeShawn Tate "as the person responsible for the death of the victim."

Attorney T. Flowers represents DaeShawn Tate, and while he won't say what his client's role was. He claims Tate wasn't the triggerman and says that role belonged to another suspect.

"My investigation of the facts has revealed that the police do not think that DaeShawn Tate is the shooter," says Flowers. "It looks like from my investigation of the facts, it reveals to me that Mr. Trezevant is in fact the shooter," he adds.

Flowers would not reveal what evidence he had showing 21-year-old Victor Trezevant was the gunman and Memphis Police would not confirm or deny Flowers' claims.

But Flowers hinted that he would use that information to get the charges against his client reduced. "I think we have to look at whether or not the charge meets the actual actions in this particular case," says Flowers. 

The Shelby County District Attorney's office says in this particular case, who did what doesn't matter and that all four will face the same charges.

A spokeswoman for D.A. Bill Gibbons says she's not surprised to hear a defense attorney shifting the blame away from his client onto someone else as a way to build a defense, but it's not going to change the charges against any of suspects.

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