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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Chumney campaigns for cash

She lost the race for mayor but Carol Chumney is still asking for campaign contributions.

Carol Chumney's mayoral election campaign raised a quarter of a million dollars. But it wasn't enough to cover all her expenses. "We raised a quarter of a million dollars still need to raise about another $5,000 to $7,000 to close the books," says Chumney.

Chumney is collecting money on her campaign website through a Paypal account, and she's hosting a fundraiser an East Memphis Sports bar Sunday night.

Chumney adds, "We had expenses with printing and staff and other expenses."

Chumney says it's a relatively small deficit compared to some campaigns. "I'm sure I owe less than Herman Morris does I think he loaned his campaign a hundred thousand dollars," Chumney adds.

Chumney says her election night celebration at the posh Peabody Hotel is not included in the past due bills. She used her own money for that because she says her supporters and staff deserved it.

"You try to budget as best you can and but sometimes some unanticipated expenses come in at the end," adds Chumney.

Chumney hopes those who supported her before the election she ultimately lost, will keep her from having to use her own money to finish paying her campaign tab.

Chumney adds, "I think we maybe 5000 volunteers, so if everybody helps out a little bit I think we'll be okay."

Chumney says as elections go, her campaign staff budgeted very well.

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