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Reported by Nick Paranjape

Hundreds turn out to remember Bradford

Wednesday night, hundreds attended a tribute to Taylor Bradford at the Rose Theatre at the University of Memphis.  Those in attendance said they came not to remember the crime, but the person.

Jimmie and Marva Bradford knew they had to be here for this memorial service..

Taylor's father, Jimmie Bradford, spoke at Wednesday’s memorial.

“It just shows that Taylor was loved," he said. "My son was loved.”

The tears have filled Jimmie Bradford's eyes since his son was murdered more than a week ago.

During the service, there were tributes to Taylor Bradford with music..

Students then spoke of their good friend.

The words were brief but meaningful.

“In his short life that was tragedy taken, he managed to unite not only the university of Memphis, but he managed to unite a city," said Gionni Carr, a friend of Bradford.

"Taylor would want us to strive on for excellence whether it's through sports, Greek life, or academics. Let's not make Taylor's passing be in vain,” said Terez Wilson, another of Bradford’s friends.

Taylor’s friend and football teammate Clint McDonald said, "Taylor brought to the team a spirit. He always gave everything he had to make someone else better.”

Later in the service, there was a tribute in pictures to Taylor Bradford.

Jimmie Bradford then took the podium.  He thanked everyone for celebrating his son's life, but said now it was time to move on with theirs.

"Be kind, be loving, be respectful, be obedient," he said. "Guys, you all keep the faith."

Jimmie Bradford said the family has received cards, letters and flowers from university's all over the country, including Virginia Tech.

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