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Reported by Ben Watson

Family credits neighbor with saving child's life

There are new details about the 11-year-old boy shot while talking to a neighbor. The child's sister says the neighbor was hurt trying to save the child.

26-year old Charles Bouey was also hit in the drive by shooting that critically injured that 11-year old.

However Bouey's injuries were minor. Relatives credited Bouey with using his body to shield the 11-year old from gunfire.

Aaron Pettis has spent four days at Lebonheur Childrens Medical Center. His sister says he being treated for a number of gun shot wounds.

"He had buckshots, one to the throat one to the lungs one to the spine and on to the brain," says Tekela Pettis.

Pettis says doctors at Lebonheur have her brother on heavy medications and he sleeps a lot.  Every day his mother is at his side.

Pettis adds, "My mother said he is getting better. They just really worrying about his throat whether he is going to be able to talk again," she adds.

Pettis says she was in the house and heard the gunshots Monday when gunmen drove down their street firing wildly.

Pettis says just before the shooting her little brother walked down the block to see if his neighbors had any odd jobs for him to do. "Yeah he cut grass washed cars what ever you would want him to do really" she adds.

As the 11-year old stood in front of the neighbors house, a gunmen drove by shooting. Pettis says quick thinking by neighbor Charles Bouey may have saved her brother's life.

"And he was down there while they were shooting and the dude was trying to cover him but the bullet went through him and hit my little brother in the head," Pettis explains.

Pettis says she's grateful to the man who tried to shield her brother from the gunfire. She describes her brother's shooting as a kid being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"I can't do nothing to stop it cause crime is going happen where ever you move to. Its just going to happen."

Investigators say witnesses to the shooting identified a man they think was the shooter, however his name has not being released at this time.

Police say they also want to talk with another man and a woman about this case.

Officers are hoping that someone will come forward with more information.

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