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Reported by Nick Paranjape

Popular Mid-South restaurant back in business

A Mid-South restaurant was shutdown by the state of Tennessee as customers tried to go inside.

The doors were locked and the sign said closed and there were notices from the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

Jimmy's Restaurant, known for it's famous hot dogs and Chicago style pizza, opened for business Thursday.

The Bartlett restaurant was shut-down for two days because the owner got behind on his taxes.

Ask Jimmy O'Connor what his favorite thing on the menu is and he'll tell you, "All of it."

Jimmy's hot dogs are probably his most famous but his customers had no access to the dogs for two days.

"Well, I got a saying up there, don't ask. It happens and we're dealing with it," says O'Conner.

He's dealing with being behind on his state taxes. He says he was behind by a couple of thousand dollars.

So, the restaurant was shut down. "Well, yeah, we were in a pickle but we got out of it. The best way to put it is a Beatles song "Get By With a Little Help From My Friends," he adds.

O'Conner and his wife asked for help from their own customers, sending out an email pleading for donations.

O'Conner says customers came up with hundreds of dollars. "Some loyal customers and some good friends that pitched in and helped us get back on our feet," adds O'Conner.

And, thanks to those friends, O'Connor was able to open the doors. Jimmy's back in business.

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