Man claims Herenton's use of police for security is illegal - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Jason Miles

Man claims Herenton's use of police for security is illegal

A uniformed Memphis Police officer kept watch as Mayor Willie Herenton exited a building after a radio interview Thursday.  According to the mayor, such a security detail is normal. 

"All mayors have security," he said.

The mayor's detail is something Memphian Bill Mitchell has a big problem with.

"I thought that this was not kosher for two or three years now," Mitchell said.

Mitchell said he believes using public servants for personal protection at a cost to taxpayers is grounds for the mayor's impeachment.

"I don't believe he's obeying the law," says Mitchell.

Mitchell requested an investigation by the District Attorney, who has the power to file what's known as an "ouster suit."  Such a suit is something that is only done when an elected official has committed a crime or neglected his duties.

"The district attorney's opinion is that there's no grounds for him to file an ouster suit against Mayor Herenton at this time," said Shelby Co. District Attorney's Office spokesperson Jennifer Donnals.

The D.A.'s office said it is the mayor's prerogative to use police for protection.

Mitchell, undeterred, said he will pursue other avenues.

Meanwhile, Mayor Herenton had his own opinion about the man.

"Maybe he's some deranged type of guy," he said.

Mitchell said he may have better luck filing his own suit, and is trying to recruit other concerned Memphians to join his fight.

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