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Website helps save dogs in danger

Some animal shelters are turning to a new website hoping to cut down on the number of animals they have to put to sleep.

It's a "Green Mile" for dogs, so to speak and it's moving some animal lovers to action.

Joe Capobianco had been thinking about adopting a pet for awhile, but when he saw Wimpy featured on the website he knew he had to have him.

Like all of the dogs on the website, Wimpy was facing certain death.

He was scheduled for euthanasia at a local animal shelter.

The Carrollton Animal Shelter is one of several in north Texas hoping the website will help cut back the number of dogs they have to put to sleep.

"When you choose this profession, you're very passionate about wanting to do something for the animals.  Whether it's find better care for them, find good homes for them, improve their situation," said Director of Animal Services Carl Shooter.  "We're looking for any available resource to find homes for the adoptable animals."

Time is running out for several of them. 

Cindy is a timid rottweiller puppy, Scotty is part retriever and Ginger  is a playful heeler and cattle dog mix.

It's a heartbreaking way of life for those who work with these animals everyday.

"It makes you work a little harder to try and get them in a rescue group or try to get them placed," said kennel attendant Angie Shaw.

The website worked for Wimpy and Joe.

Now these dogs are hoping it will work for them too.

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