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Google looks to use YouTube for profit

(NBC NewsChannel) - Google hopes to add to its bottom line by making money from YouTube videos.  

The company that started as an Internet search engine, bought YouTube for $1.65 billion.

Now the company hopes to cash in on its investment.

"And the whole idea is, how do you monetize YouTube video, and this is they way they'll do it," said Tim Bajarin an analyst with Creative Strategies.

Here's how the plan works:  Attach YouTube clips that advertise products to some of the advertisements Google puts on thousands of websites.

The result?  You can watch video relating to whatever it is you're interested in and the makers of the video share in the ad revenue.

"Initially, it'll be done through specific partners.  If you're going to put video on somebody else's website, you don't want a cat jumping up and catching a ball, you want some quality," said Bajarin.
Alright, so not everything will work right away. 

But Google's goal is to eventually connect YouTube clips with commercials.

And that could put a new face on online advertising.
Google recently bought another company called ‘haiku’.

The program has software that allows people to send short messages from their cell phones.

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