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Reported by Nick Paranjape

Cordova High students undergo sex change

Crayon Day is one thing and Pajama Day is another. But encouraging students to swap sexes at Cordova High School was just too much for some parents.

Wednesday was "Gender Bender Day" at the school. The boys dressed like girls and the girls dressed like boys.  It was the theme during homecoming week.

All homecoming events are meant to get students involved and raise school spirit and the students seen outside Cordova High were all smiles.  

However, some parents objected to today's theme. Some went as far as to call and e-mail Action News 5 questioning the morality of "Gender Bender Day" and whether it promoted homosexuality.

But the students and parents who talked with us agreed "Gender Bender Day" was all in good fun. 

"I don't understand what the problem is because it's not like they make you wear this", said Adam Shaw, a student at Cordova High.  "This is optional. everybody didn't wear a dress. I thought it was a good idea."

Another student said, "It's our senior year.  It's our last chance to have a really good time.  It's homecoming week. It's just crazy. We're showing our school spirit"

And, that's what district leaders say is what's behind the whole idea, school spirit. 

They pointed out all homecoming week activities are voted on by members of the school's Student Government Association and approved based on appropriateness.

A Memphis City School spokesman also stated that all students acted responsibly and there have been no problems or distractions on any Memphis City School campus because of homecoming week events.

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