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Reported by Janice Broach

Dyer County: A year after the deadly storms

Action News 5 reporter Janice Broach traveled back to Dyer County where residents are still cleaning up almost a year and a half later.

Mary McQuarters lives in her newly built barn. Her house was blown away a year and a half ago when a devastating twister blew through Dyer County.

Ever since that deadly twister, she looks West when the weather gets bad and wonders if it will happen again. "The sky looks black and then it gets green and then I listen for the sound of a train," McQuarters.

She says she's been looking at the sky all day wondering if she'll have to run to her storm shelter.

Bobby and Lorraine Dozier have a new house. Their old one was blown down by the tornado.

They lost most of the forest that surround their old house but they are happy with their new house.

Bad weather and reporters showing up in their area makes them anxious.  "I've been looking at the sky and worrying and then I see Janice and I wonder why is she here," says Dozier.

Even a year and a half after the storm, there is still devastation all around and plenty of houses either not built or not completed. That includes a church in the community of Millsfield that is still not rebuilt.

"It's something that will happen. We ware just grateful and happy to be here," says Pastor Walt Ashford. 

The scars from the deadly tornado will never heal folks in Dyer County. And when the skies threaten they will be watching.

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