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Reported by Nick Kenney

Mid-South schools take action against Super Bug

Mid-South schools are taking action against a Super Bug, an antibiotic-resistant Staph infection that can be deadly.

At least one school is investigating an unconfirmed case and officials in DeSoto County are taking serious precautions, especially on football night.

They say they want to stop staph before it ever starts. After an unconfirmed case of staph, the Shelby County School System sent a MRSA pamphlet home to parents at Alturia Elementary School.

They'll be cleaning up on campus over the weekend, too. At Horn lake, the struggle against staph already kicked-off.

With a bleach-lemon mixture, cleaning crews attacked desktops, windows and floors.

"We bought cleaning supplies for all the teachers. And all the locker rooms have been cleaned from top to bottom with disinfectant," says Horn Lake High Principal Jim Ferguson. "I have a school nurse that keeps everybody bandaged up if they need help with open sores," adds Ferguson.

The battle brews against germs. It's a cleanliness war waged throughout the DeSoto County School system. It's a system without a single confirmed case of Staph.

"We want to keep our children safe and that's our number one concern," says Suzann Davis with DeSoto County Schools.

Hand sanitizer. It's a popular item these days. School officials are asking students, teachers, even football ticket attendants to their hands as clean as possible."

It was a warning heeded but mostly useless on the gridiron where skin-to-skin contact is unavoidable and potentially contagious.

"Because it can happen to anybody, especially when they said mostly locker rooms and football players," says Travis Tunstall.

The thought now Leaves moms and dads like the Tunstalls worried about their son.

A football player plays in a game where all the precautions and all the bleach-lemon mixture might not be enough.

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