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Reported by Nick Kenney

Legal expert weighs in on John Ford prison time

His Nashville trial has been pushed to next year and that's left many wondering will John Ford ever serve any prison time?

Federal law mandates anyone convicted in federal court to report to prison immediately. Former Tennessee State Senator John Ford was convicted. But he's not yet behind bars because he has a new attorney to appeal his case.

Now, his other trial's been delayed. So will John Ford ever serve time?

One expert says yes and it could be much different than he realizes.

Undercover video of undercover agents dishing out the green left former State Senator John Ford walking in and out of the federal courthouse for months.

Evidence that ultimately ended in a conviction and a 5-and-a-half year prison sentence; a sentence yet to begin.

Attorney Robert Hutton kept a close eye on the Tennessee Waltz case and he says there's no doubt John Ford will serve prison time.

John Ford was originally supposed to report to prison in September. That date has since changed to December 12th.

His other trial in Nashville was supposed to start in November and it's been moved to March.

"I'm sure there'll be some argument to keep him out until after March. I don't think that's going to be an effective argument," says Hutton.

In other words, Ford could be in a medium security prison in Arkansas when his Nashville trial begins.

For trial, authorities would writ him into a Nashville jail, far from medium security.

Hutton adds, "It's going to be a secure facility because they have to house everybody waiting for trial whether capital murder or whoever. I would suspect that Senator Ford, once he finds out he's going to have to report to jail, he's not going to want to go and sit in a Nashville jail for a couple weeks, there's going to be movement to try to enter a plea deal."

Regardless of how the Nashville case ultimately ends, Hutton says Ford's jail time is coming soon.

"I'm ninety percent sure he's going to start December 12th," Hutton says.

Hutton says he believes that appeal will not succeed, calling the governments case airtight.

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